Must Yesudas be reviled on social media as much as he is presently being?


The recent controversy that was triggered off after legendary Indian singer KJ Yesudas had grabbed the phone of a selfy hunter to delete the captured picture of his while treading down steps, seemed really undesirable. More humiliating has been the way the social media is found to be treating this highly talented singer. As profiles of silly looking mortals - and scores of them - are persistantly slinging slur on his persona like a market hag indiscriminately spraying around vitriol, none but the art world is the real victim grimacing at the receiving end.

The real base of the controversy according to many, nonetheless is the award dispute involving a number of artistes from Kerala who felt humiliated after they were informed that they would not have the luxury of receiving award from the President of India as promised earlier. Meanwhile, Yesudas and award winning director Jayaraj had decided to go on with their plan of recieving the award much to the disquietude of the disappointed rest.

For sensible minds, the right of the artistes who felt humiliated by the uninformed turn around of President being held back from distributing awards to them, to protest is very much acceptable as good as the right of those to accept the awards the way they are given away. And the last thing of all they would like to have is the goings being politicised in accordance with the agendas of various political parties. Particularly since any social media debate of polical colours simply incorporate contumely and vulgarity of expression; notwithstanding the sanctity of the subject or sanity of conduct.

Yesudas definitely deserves the consideration of being geriatric in this case, as regards to the brittleness of health affairs accompanying old age. A septagenarian is certrainly more likely to have a decisive fall compared to the precariously moving young body of a selfy seeker. If such a fall occurs the selfy seeker that initiated the fall would have nothing more than a meagre apology on his part while it would be the family of the victim that will be forced to suffer for the rest of their lives.

Beside, what the selfy seeker ought to consider more here is the fact that in the end of all the septagenarian he was inadvertantly badgering is another human being of the world who vividly holds the right to move around his rightful premises without being apprehended willfully and also an entity to whom law of the country has awarded the discretionary powers to appear or not for a public photoshoot. For a better concept of the context he may refer the famous words of essayist AG Gardiner that a person's liberty ends at another person's nose tip.

Then if the social media advocates of the young offender still thought the brat had not committed a crime through his undesirable act, they must of course learn to comprehend as well the verdict of a reasonable judge that the youngster was not being punished for his culpably intercepting the movement of an old man fast compromising with health, but for the reason that no more brats similar to him must take this instance as an impetus to carry out more of such perilous attempts.