Madeeha Gauhar will Rest in Peace


As the pioneer of Pakisthani parallel theatre, Madeeha Gauhar was being laid to rest at Cavalry Ground graveyard, the day evoked great sorrow even among her contemporaries in India in respect to a person who tend to call on peace between the two hostile nations through a unique weapon that had been her forte across her lifetime - theatre.

A staunch advocate of peace between India and Pakistan, Madeena had through her theatre title, 'Ajoka', built as well as preserved strong ties between the two countries set apart with acrimony and distrust. As a result she has developed a massive fan following in Indian Punjab, who would be in great grief facing the news of her untimely demise.

Madeeha's regards for Indian culture has been really profound that she named her two sons as Sarang and Nirvan. She has definitely influenced a generation of people across the world; particularly among the performing arts segment and the media industry.

Her theatre group Ajoka had come to lime light staging an adaption of 'Jaloos' by Badal Sircar that exposed the ruling elite's connivance along with its foreign imperialist warlords to hoodwink the public. Since then the plays of Ajoka had stood as crucial exempla of contemporary Pakistan. To be fair, Ajoka was truely much more than a troupe and Madeeha was definitely greater than its director.

The funeral prayer was arranged on the very lawns of her residence where the thespian had staged Ajoka's 'Jaloos' in 1984, as a first time. Meanwhile, the contemporaries, colleagues and fans of the great artist had gathered in the veranda adjacent to the lawn to have a glimpse of their heroine resting in her coffin.