Eugene Concert tackles Indian Musical Nuances in Mumbai


An eighty-member, Eugene Concert Choir is partnering with Portland Bollywood troupe to rock Saturday night here in Mumbai with their highlight 'Bollywood Dreams'. The choir is expected to perform a mix of traditional Indian ragas beside songs composed by AR Rahman, the popular Indian composer.

The partership is expected to be that extra mile element since the music of Eugene Concert Choir would be ideally complimented by the dance troup to create a comprehensive experience of storytelling as far as the performer-audience chemistry is considered.

The high energy presentation is understood to be packing in it all elements of the ninety's Bollywood style fun. Expected are dancing, romance, comedy, action and even more thrilling as well as spooky moments alongside music.

The story commences with a father and daughter based in India migrating to the United States. Conflict arises with the daughter's falling in love with a stranger much against her father's wish of marrying her to his friend's son back in India with a view to unite the two families by means of an arranged marriage.

However, the mother of the girl who passes away at some point in the story wants her to follow her heart. The story unfolds to attempts of the father to resolve the conflicts and being Hollywood stuff there definitely has to be a wedding scene.

Twenty seven dancers coming in the age group of between thirteen and sixty five will perform on the stage evoking the memories of fast paced and lively old Bollywood.