Here is a video-editing app for dance, finally


Menaka PP Bora, the award winning danseuse and an exponent of Xattriya dance is reportedlyt planning to launch a video-editing application targeting the dance connoisseurs of the city alongside a performance at Guwahati in July. This app will be called Velapp. Menaka said to the press during her briefing on the newly prepared application that the audience there would be encouraged to shoot as well as edit more videos of her performance using the new app that has gathered immense popularity in the previous year alone since its introduction, owing to the ease of use delivered by it. The daughter of the famour danseuse Indira PP Bora, Menaka is a soloist classical dancer, actor, choreog...

Saz-e-Bahar showcased rare Indian Instrumental Music


Saz-e-Bahar is the festival of the various instrumental music forms of India held by the National Centre for the Performing Arts, with a view to showcasing rare classical musical instruments of India such as the Esraj and Vichithra Veena. The main attractions of the Saz-e-Bahar: Festival of Indian Instrumental Music were the Vichithra Veena performance by Radhika Veena Sadhika and Esraj by Shubhayu Sen Majumdar. These instruments are understood to be quite obscure as in the present times not more than five persons might be used to playing these instruments. The Vichithra Veens that comes with no frets has but several strings for releasing a sonorous as well as quiet sound. On the oth...

Atirathis recreats Arjuna-Karna Final Conflict in Chandigarh


An astounding performance of Atirathis thrilled the audience at the Tagore Theatre in Chandigarh on April 17 2018 as a starter to the four-day dance and music festival organised here by Chandigarh Sangeet Natak Academi. Atirathis is a contemprary dance form that draws inspiration from erstwhile martial styles. The Atirathis that was performed on Monday here depicted the touching story of Kunthi, Karna, Arjuna, Draupadi and Indra against the backdrop of a fierce combat between Arjuna and Karna. As the two valiant warriors fought it out in an unprecedented spectable on the stage realised through a blend of Kathak, Chhau, Klarichpadh and Indian contemporary dance, the audience were left ga...

Utkal Samaj highlighted Classical Odissi Performances


Bhopal's non-resident Odiya community staged 'Utkal Samaj' on April first in a grand manner. The highlight of the event had been its high quality classical Odissi performances, to enjoy which thronged in great numbers to the capital's Ravindra Bhawan, the audience. It is striking that the audience that flooded in had not just been from the Odiya community but from outside of it as well. This was the eleventh edition of Utkal Samaj and it was carried out in collaboration with the department of culture, Madhya Pradesh. As far as the Odiya people of their mainland Odisha are concerned, Utkal Divas celebrations, part of which  had been this event, marked a politically s...

Mohiniyattam Colloquium in Delhi stresses Evolution Path


A two day colloquium for Mohiniyattam artistes, students, pedagogues and admirers was held in the Meghdooth Theatreof New Delhi recently. This event envisioned Mohiniyattam's theatrical framework's exposition, beside its reflections on both the individual dancers' aesthetics and the art form's contemporary concerns. It is understood that the colloquium in New Delhi follows suit many symposiums held in the past at Kerala as well as elsewhere with the view of formulating a syllabi for the dance form encompassing the key characteristics of the field's eminent dancers' styles. It is worth noting here that many such efforts taken have invariably resulted in pandemoniu...

Rusian ballet Swan Lake drives the audience wish for an encore


The first show of the first day of 'Swan Lake' ballet of Royal Russian Ballet staged at Nazrul Mancha in Calcutta had the audience quite much wishing for an encore. Such had been the performance of forty five dancers artistically demonstrating a timeless piece regarding love. Kolkotha was the final destination of the Russian ballet artistes following succesful shows in Mumbai, New Delhi and Ahmedabad, on their ongoing performance tour in India invited by Navrasa Duende, the famous production house. The excitement was pretty obvious in the words of Swan Lake's artistic director and producer, Anatoliy Kazatskiy, who said that he was greatly happy to perform in India particu...

'Long March' Art Festival of Shree Shankara Varsity ends with a message


The Long March festival of arts that concluded on the main campus of Kalady's Shree Shankaracharya University of Sanskrit this day, witnessed the main campus team racing ahead of others to the victor's podium with 226 points. The second and third places were secured by Koyilandi and Thirur campuses with 91 and 69 points respectively. Day three of the arts festival saw the conduction of stage events in the form of Mohiniyattam, Folk Dance, Bharathanatyam, Keralanatanam, Odissi, kathak, Kathakali and Ottamthullal, and off-stage events such as elocution, recitation and debate. In total, the event accounted for more than 82 items of competition, both stage events as well as off-s...

Rathan Thiyam's Macbeth does a stunner in Jammu


On the last day of the last month, a special theatrical version of Shakespeare's Macbeth, delivered by master director, Rathan Thiyam at Abhinav Theatre in Jammu was nothing less than a stunning spectacle for the audience present there that evening. The highlight of Thiyam's presentation has been its unique design marked by a fresh eclectic theatrical manner. The Macbeth of Thiyam staged in Manipuri had drawn elements from Natyashasthra's classical discourses of dramaturgy, immensely stylised Noh theatre of japan and ancient Greek drama. Starting from the opening scene that portrays the witches as an extension of jungles' vegetal world, the measured movements of the a...