A mode of creative expression painting can be done in numerous forms. Gestural painting, drawing, composition, narrative art, abstract art are a few among many aesthetic forms. A painting serves to manifest the painter’s expressive as well as the conceptual intentions. While taking the case of both Eastern and Western arts, a swathe of painting history is well dominated by motifs and ideas of spiritual character.

The term painting, as far as art is concerned, describes the act and the end of the action. The heart of painting is obviously the rhythm, something described as an incorporated pause in a sequence. Creative force is effectuated by such pauses to intervene as well as add fresh creations. A given art work exudes significance through the form distributed through it or any sort of information provided.

Grotte Chauvet paintings of France believed to be about 32,000 years old, are considered as the oldest paintings. Red ochre and black pigment are the material used to engrave these art work. They show animals such as horses, lions, rhinoceros, mammoth, buffalo and lions among abstract designs that appear to be partial human figures. Nevertheless, Northern Australia’s Arnhem Land boasts of the earliest act of painting as evidences suggest.

In the present times, students of this art form that learn how to discuss it, alongside explaining the differences happening between realism and abstract, and also pointillism tend to discover great modern artists of yesteryears as well. This is quite similar a process as learning about math, geography and history. As they move along their graph of student life, a good part of them would have discovered an art portfolio of their own featuring their works in the style of some of the famous artists of the world.

French artist, Claude Monet who lived between 1840 and 1926 was an outstanding artiste that helped contribute to the painting world a style called impressionism. This relates to what the artist feels or sees rather than painting something the way it looks exactly. His short brush strokes along with the dabbles, colour splashes, light apprehension and reflection have been quite famous. The Japanese Footbridge is one of his famous paintings.

Born in Pennsylvania in 1928, Andy Warhol had moved to United States with his parents from what is known as Slovakia presently. Often a sick child and having spent a lot of time in sickbed, Warhol drew many pictures besides listening to radio and collecting images of celebrities. It was during the 1960s that the gentleman started creating what he is ideally known for today. His paintings included massive pictured of dollar bills, Coca Cola bottles and soup cans of Campbell’s besides pictures of celebrities.

Vincent Van Gogh who had excelled during the second half of the nineteenth century was a Dutch artist. In his short life time he created some great paintings. About 800 paintings of Van Gogh were made in the last ten years of his life. One way the legendary artist showed motion in work was by making colour lines swirling in concentric circles or rings, spread into the background. Starry Night is a master piece of Van Gogh and all his works display light rings surrounding stars in night sky. Deep and bright colours were used by Van Gogh who brought subjects to life through whirling brush strokes.

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