An expression of the artiste’s ideas, whether Kathak or Bharathanatyam, dance along with its expressions and emotions can hardly be constrained by geographical frontiers. This is exactly the concept that the dance committee of the main partner for Unesco’s performing arts section for World Dance Day, the International Theatre Institute is seen to be celebrating. April 29 will definitely carry a world of excitement with it.

If reports can be considered, dance troupes from all over the world, representing all those different styles will assemble for the grand finale with a view to weave a tale of dance transcending frontiers. Styles from flamenco to Odissi, jazz to contemporary will come together on the stage of the grand finale to thrill the turn out. flamenco will be performed by Shehzeen Cassum, Odissi by Amitalay of Jhelum Paranjape, jazz by BOM Squad and contemporary by Sadhya of Santhosh Nair.

This is the Mumbai chapter of the World Dance Day celebrations organised by the team of Swapnokalpa Dasgupta, dance programming head at the NCPA Mumbai. According to her, the Mudra Dance Festival of theirs (NCPA) was limited to Indian classical dance and they wanted an inclusive festival to celebrate World Dance Day as a symbolic representation of the concept of uniting different dance forms.

Meanwhile, Bangalore chapter will say a different tale. Emphasis in Bangalore will shift to stories as the dance forms’ integral part. Bangaluru based classical dancer specialising in Bharathanatyam, Kavya Kashinathan will highlight this concept by performing here on Sunday for the event of Shrishti’s World Dance Day. Kavya is brimming with confidence as reflects her words that she would tell the tale of Lord Ganesha’s acquiring the fruit of knowledge from his parents through her Ganesh Vandana dance performance as an apt tribute for the auspicious day.

Chennai chapter of World Dance Day will be rocked by a fifty artiste-strong music styled presentation on the character of Karna from the Mahabharatha epic by Madurai R Muralidharan. This will be Muralidharan’s twenty first production. This presentation would use different dance forms such as Odissi, Bharathanatyam and folk dances including karakattam, dandiya and kavadiyattam in it. Following its Chennai World Dance Day premiere, the troupe is expected to travel to the United States and Australia for performing there.

The Delhi chapter’s highlight would be the Young Dancers Festival of Natya Vriksha. The curator for the organisation, Geetha Chandran who is also a dancer based in Delhi believes that the process was as crucial as the end product, as the Young Dancers Festival is all set to be held in the capital city this weekend. This event is expected to come with a bit more than just performances as workshops as well as talks on aspects of allied arts and dance forms too are quite in the list.

The Young Dancers Festival will be blessed by a workshop – ‘Theatre Movement’ conducted by thespian Anuradha Kapoor, and a talk by VR Devika of the Aseema Trust, on the controversial subject of Devadasi culture. Other performances will include Vidyagauri’s Kathak, Shreelakshmy Govardhan’s Kuchipudi, Shwetha Prachande’s Bharathanatyam and Monami Nandy’s Odissi.

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