JUAAOC has always been a vibrant presence of multifaceted cultural, educational and social activities in the Sultanate of Oman since its conception in the country in the year 2005. Presently Jadavpur University Almumni Association Oman Chapter is all set to celebrate its thirteenth birthday marked by an extended version of their grand multi-cultural festival titled Sanskriti 2018.

Since the year of its launch, JUAAOC has been keenly involved in staging activities related to social, cultural and educational spheres. Quite popular among them are undertaking the financial commitments of Indian School Muscat’s meritorious students who are seeking financial aid, conducting and managing cultural fiestas, carrying out social services and staging sports events with a view to expose hidden talents from various segments.

These people hailing from the cultural sphere of Kolkata’s Jadavpur University have chosne Sanskrit as one of the platforms to promote brotherhood as well as cultural ties prevailing between India and the Sultanate of Oman under the excellent leadership of its ruler His Majesty Sulthan Qaboos bin Said. The multicultural Sanskriti 2018 festival that would be celebrated on 20 April at Muscat’s Al Falaj Hotel will highlight the auspicious evening beginning with a short performance by the body’s alumni members. This will be followed by fusion music performance ‘The everlasting sound’ by NAAD, the popular fusion music band.

NAAD is an Indian fusion music band specialising in mixing the evocative sounds of eastern musical instruments with the energising notes of those of the West. When NAAD performs, the audience get to enjoy the sounds of classical Indian and Western instruments both traditional as well as novel, fuse to form one harmonious arrangement of drums, guitar, keyboard, sithar, ghatam, ganjira, darbuka and flute along with the vocal. To spruce up the events, two eminent Muscat-based musicians Peeyali Bhattacharya and Soumya Dasgupta will join the performance.

Subratha Bhattacharya is the brain behind the group besides being its inspirer in chief. He is one of the leading players of Tabla in India at present and has claimed his taalim under the tutelage of Thamal Krishna Chatterjee, Nripen Karmakar and Tapan Krishna Banerjee before ending up as the pupil of Pandit Shankar Ghosh, the thabla maestro. Since then Subratha has proved himself an eligible exponent of Farukhabad Gharana. He has up his leeves covetous awards including Sangeeth Prabhankar and Sangeeth Praveen from Allahabad’s Prayag Sangeeth Samithi, and Sangeeth Bushan from Lucknow’s Bhatkhande College.

Subratha has to his credit some stunning performances at the most prestigious venues, both in India and abroad. The audiences of the United States, the Middle East countries, European countries to name a few, have been impressed greatly with his excellent renditions. NAAD’s performance in Kolkata India Centre for Performing Arts’ Congo Square Jazz Festival was one of the most stunning ones of the event.

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