The activities of the True Colours Festival of Artists with Disabilities held in Singapore on 2018 March 24 obviously had been aimed at the provision of an opportunity for the societies of the world to change their negative impressions towards artists with differential abilities that have in their turn led to even discriminatory tendencies. However, the event, in summary, turned out to be an extraordinary show by absolutely professional artistes with hardly the lightest evidence of disability in their attitude.

The outdoors Festival Village of Singapore had also offered participants a galaxy of activities targeted at changing their negative perspectives if any. These included beyond disability – exploring dance through live performances as a form of non verbal communication, dialogues in the dark – offering a glimpse of the world of blindness, open dialogue spaces that encouraged discussions on art and disabilities, paralympic sports try out and short film festivals.

The event, Artistes Open Dialogue, was conducted on March 24, as organised by UNESCO along with The Nippon Foundation. An excellent opportunity for discussion between differentially abled artistes and other delegates on the existing situation around world’s as well as Asia-Pacific region’s socio-cultural rights’ promotion was offered by the event. This helped in identifying the factors that enabled betterment amid existing challenged besides brainstorming on essential development for recommendation to both the member states of UNESCO and policymakers as regards to the creation of policies that supported the inclusion of differentially abled artistes.

The event had taken place in Singapore City from March 23 to 25 as the first performing arts festival of music, dance and arts inĀ  the Asia Pacific belt. Over one hundred fifty outstanding performances by some of the most talented professionals from Australia, India, China, Japan, New Zealand, Korea, Thailand, Singapore, Cambodia, The Philippines, Malaysia, Micronesia, Nepal and Indonesia, along with Canadian and British guest artistes.

The venues of the festival were the OCBC Square and the Singapore Indoor Stadium and over five thousand people were given the chance to enjoy the proceedings. The indoor space of the venue staged multimedia concerts almost everyday offering the audience as well as interpreters an unprecedented sensation of accessible and adapted space besides sensory friendly standard sound and lights.

An Outcome Statement that would contribute greatly to comprehensive implementation of the United Nations Convention’s relevant articles on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. Anyone can access this Outcome Statement document very soon on the website of the UNSECO.

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