The first state supported virtual community for the artists of the middle east region has started functioning in Dubai under the title Creatopia. This is a new hub providing opportunities for the artists based in the United Arab Emirates to connect with fresh patrons as well as each other. Powered by the Dubai Culture and Arts Authority (DCAA) the new body would aim to serve as an activator for inspiring creative talents in Dubai while promoting a fresh level of collaborative communication and active engagement with the realms of arts, heritage and culture.

DCAA that empowers Creatopia functions under the patronage of Her Highness Sheikha Latifa bint Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. Also the vice chairperson of DCAA Her highness the Sheikha said on the occasion of the platform’s realisation that the UAE Innovation Week offered them a crucial platform for engaging the community further besides identifying innovative ideas capable of enhancing the creative economy of the city while Dubai has made impressive strides towards promoting and fostering her cultural scene and creative industries respectively.

According to Her Highness the Sheikha, the cultural initiatives of Dubai have been aimed at achiving the target of Dubai Plan 2021, announced by the King of Dubai His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, with a view to establishing the city as the home of people who are creative, empowered as well as happy at heart.

She went on to describe Creatopia as a comprehensive platform aimed at establishing Dubai as a fresh global center for creativity besides enhancing the cultural identity of the city. As far as her vision was concerned Creatopia would stand to strengthen the opportunities and resources available for the creative professionals to let fly high their imagination as well as true potential. She also promised that the government was keen on driving critical and creative thinking that form the fundamental priorities required for nourishing the next generation of creative industry innovators to transform Dubai into a unparalleled creative destination for emerging as well as established artists.

According to the Minister of Health for Dubai and the Chairman of the DCAA, His Excellency Abdul Rahman Al Owais who had introduced the concept of Creatopia for the first time, His Highness the Sheikh has outlined a vivid vision for Dubai’s future in which bright initiatives, creativity and innovation would be furthering forces of the city residents’ happiness and all-around progress.

The Health Minister stated that the Creative Dubai and Creatopia initiatives were a natural progression as far as Dubai Culture was concerned for proactively assembling and linking a network of creative talent, online resources and government entities. Those projects, according to the minister would showcase the cultural sector’s emerging potential as a source of jobs, act as a platform for nurturing talen and entrepreneurs and contribute to the position of Dubai as a global hub for art and culture.

Finally, the highlight of the fresh concept is the rife feel of the community of Dubai that the responsibility to realising a cultural as well as creative ecosystem lied with them. It is obvious that the government entities are all set to promote talent and innovation besides furthering collaboration with the creative community in a broad way. A thorough introspection is being carried out by the educational institutions and academics of the land with a view to appraise the programmes and courses offered by them as well as their contribution to their emerging talent’s success.

The creative community requires to open its networks on the internet for succeeding as well as thriving in that ecosystem. Dubai seems to believe today that a profound online promotion of their creative community was all the more significant for organising and facilitating the growth of the country’s cultural scene through the realisation of integrated approach capable of inspiring talents and enticing cultural professionals to Dubai city. With the help of initiatives such as these Dubai is fast bringing a fresh mind-shift potential of bringing in as a combined package, insight and innovation.

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